Welcome to CCMC

Colorado Contemporary Music College (CCMC) was created by professional musicians for people who aspire to be professional musicians.

Colorado Contemporary Music College offers the Rocky Mountain region’s only streamlined, one-year, academic-intensive program where students learn to teach and perform jazz, rock, blues, folk, country and bluegrass. Graduates of this rigorous, three-semester program are better prepared to become successful music teachers and thriving performers.

CCMC is only about contemporary music. Music theory. Ear training. Music technology. History of popular music. Songwriting. Composing. Students learn basics of today’s music business, hone instrument skills and work hard throughout.

  • Our 1 year program is designed to provide the working musician the tools and skills needed to succeed in the demanding world of music.
  • We focus on enhancing the musician’s skills with their chosen instrument as well as all the practical information needed about writing, producing, performing, recording and selling music.
  • Our staff provides the day-to-day study skills while our Seminar Instructors provides real world examples of what works…and what does not.