SY0-501 Exam Sample Questions Answers

Question No 1:

Due to issues with building keys being duplicated and distributed, a security administrator wishes to change to a different security control regarding a restricted area.

The goal is to provide access based upon facial recognition. Which of the following will address this requirement?

A. Set up mantraps to avoid tailgating of approved users.

B. Place a guard at the entrance to approve access.

C. Install a fingerprint scanner at the entrance.

D. Implement proximity readers to scan users’ badges.

Answer: B

Question No 2:

A security administrator has concerns regarding employees saving data on company provided mobile devices. Which of the following would BEST address the administrator’s concerns?

A. Install a mobile application that tracks read and write functions on the device.

B. Create a company policy prohibiting the use of mobile devices for personal use.

C. Enable GPS functionality to track the location of the mobile devices.

D. Configure the devices so that removable media use is disabled.

Answer: D

Question No 3:

Identifying residual risk is MOST important to which of the following concepts?

A. Risk deterrence

B. Risk acceptance

C. Risk mitigation

D. Risk avoidance

Answer: B

Question No 4:

The information security technician wants to ensure security controls are deployed and functioning as intended to be able to maintain an appropriate security posture. Which of the following security techniques is MOST appropriate to do this?

A. Log audits

B. System hardening


D. Continuous security monitoring

Answer: D

Question No 5:

A small company can only afford to buy an all-in-one wireless router/switch. The company has 3 wireless BYOD users and 2 web servers without wireless access. Which of the following should the company configure to protect the servers from the user devices? (Select TWO).

A. Deny incoming connections to the outside router interface.

B. Change the default HTTP port

C. Implement EAP-TLS to establish mutual authentication

D. Disable the physical switch ports

E. Create a server VLAN

F. Create an ACL to access the server

Answer: E, F

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